Where is the Reading Club 2000 located?

It is located at 1454 Balagtas St., Barangay La Paz, Makati City, Manila Philippines. Makati City is a major financial and commerce district of Philippines. From the financial district of Makati (e.g. Ayala Triangle Stock Exchange),  it is about 3 kilometres to the Reading Club location

Interestingly enough, the library is on the corner of ARCHIMEDES street.


How do I get to Reading Club?

The best way is to take a metered taxi. Indicate the full address to the taxi driver.

What is the operating hours of Reading Club?

Nanie is the main person overseeing the entire operation although he has other family relatives/volunteers helping out. It is open seven days a week (except public holidays) from about 10am until about 5pm.

FAQ-house rules

How do I donate books?

The quickest way is to drop by, have a chat with Nanie and drop off your books!
Otherwise, email, call, send an SMS for other arrangements

How do I borrow books?

Pop in and have a chat! Anyone and everyone is welcome to browse at the thousands of books available at the front door, garage and inside the house

What books can I expect to see from the library?

Expect to see thousands of books covering a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to: technology, history, religion, cooking, adventure, fantasy, fashion, etc

Currently, there is no catalogue system in place for the available books. Unlike a normal library, think of your visit to the Reading Club 2000 as an adventure to a mountain of books. The creators of this website found themselves taking home a couple of books that were genuine treasures in their own right.

What media coverage has been received by Reading Club 2000?

Reading Club 2000 has received numerous media coverage from both international and local major newspapers

What does Nanie say?

Books, kilo of rice, used clothes are now distributed, new energy started to flow, inspiring to create, conceptualize, and heal. Call this a blessing as gift from my book donors, book patrons that eventually circles back toward its source; and strives to bring to its original home some equivalent to take its place. Another fascinating story of the creative spirit is to treat the product of the imagination as a gift or 'atang' known also as Santorium, an ancient traditional offering which ensures the fertility of the imagination. To accept the fruits of these things as gifts is to acknowledge that we are not their owners or masters, that we are if anything, their servants, their book missionaries, and not restricted to alms-giving, but embraces all our relations with our fellow-men, whether our inferiors, our equals or our superiors.. Having an experience with books being donated to readingclub2000 for seventeen years, keeping the flow of energy in motion, when energy started to flow as we distribute, disbursed our gifts to reach the countrysides, to the barrio folks and not by capitalizing upon them. And as we nourished the spirit by disbursing our gift without expecting any financial gain in return is to keep this printed materials alive, moving, with a flowing energy; the sign of identity is generosity, gratefulness or the act of gratitude. By nourishing and seeking the spirit on how to maximize this complimentary literacy campaign awareness together with the teachers, educators, and librarians makes the next program possible to actualize - a free online tutoring service is now complementing my mission. I would like to record my profound appreciation to all planetary citizens who helped to achieve this noble purpose in sharing their own time and resources in the spirit of partnership and universal brotherhood.